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How do I encrypt the user's password correctly?

This article describes the basics of cryptographic hash encryption and what is the correct way to encrypt it. Also introduced a common password crack method, given how to avoid the idea of ​​password is cracked. I believe that readers will read this article, it will have a correct understanding of the encryption of the password, and the correct encryption of the password. This article by the Defuse Security security team to write , the author of the CC protocol, InfoQ translation and sharing, to readers. As a Web developer, we often need to deal with the user's account system, and the biggest challenge is how to protect the user's password. Often see the user account database is frequently black, so we must take some measures to protect the user password, so as not to lead to unnecessary data leakage. The best way to protect your password is to use salted password hashing. There are a lot of arguments and misunderstandings about the hash of passwords, probably because of the …
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Visual studio code (vscode) debug php

1. Download vscode ( visual studio code ). 2. Install vscode extension php-debug installation steps see 3. Install wampserver, I installed the 2.5 version, the installation steps Baidu. 4. To ensure that the 64 port is not occupied x, if occupied by the modified httpd.conf configuration file under the port number 5. Modify php.ini (wamp \ bin \ apache \ apache2.4.9 \ bin under this folder) File open debug, Modify the following two items: Xdebug.remote_enable = on Xdebug.remote_autostart = on 6. If vscode reported this Modify user configuration 7. Configure debug Select listen for xdebug
8. Start wampserver 9. in the place where the breakpoint F5 start, enter the address in the browser, vscode will automatically stop at the breakpoint