Love at First Sight

They're both convinced that a sudden passion joined them. Such certainty is beautiful, but uncertainty is more beautiful still. Since they'd never met before, they're sure that there'd been nothing between them. But what's the word from the streets, staircases, hallways -- perhaps they've passed each other a million times? I want to ask them if they don't remember -- a moment face to face in some revolving door? perhaps a "sorry" muttered in a crowd? a curt "wrong number" caught in the receiver? but I know the answer. No, they don't remember They'd be amazed to hear that Chance has been toying with them now for years. Not quite ready yet to become their Destiny, it pushed them close, drove them apart, it barred their path, stifling a laugh, and then leaped aside. There were signs and signals, even if they couldn't read them yet. Perhaps three years ago or just last Tuesday a certain leaf fluttered from one shoulder to anothe…

xamarin.forms Android.Content.Res.Resources+NotFoundException: Resource ID #0x0

在编写xamarin时,使用了tabbedpage,每一个都配置了title 和icon,然后调试ios正常,在调试Android时提示错误 Android.Content.Res.Resources+NotFoundException: Resource ID #0x0,资源找不到,什么资源呢,经过排查是contentpage 的icon资源,去掉再调试正常。

Develop Xamarin Forms UI while debugging in the emulator!

LiveXAML is a runtime UI development tool. It runs while you are debugging your application inside an emulator. Whenever you save any XAML file, it automatically updates a running application. LiveXAML has no restrictions on libraries or code usage. You can interact with the interface as you normally do. No additional configuration needed besides initial installation. Download:http://www.livexaml.com/

Windows 10 appstore cannot update app error

Run as administrator Windows Powershell,
enter the following command:

Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers| Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}



文:杨幼萍 各位家长、同学、领导、同事们,大家好!

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.Net Core 2.0 生态(1).NET Standard 2.0 特性介绍和使用指南(.net Core 2.0 ecological (1).net Standard 2.0 features introduction and use guide)

阅读目录 前言.NET Standard 2.0 特性介绍.NET Standard 2.0 使用指南总结更多参考资料 .NET Standard 2.0 发布日期:2017年8月14日
公告原文地址 回到目录 前言 早上起来.NET社区沸腾了,期待已久的.NET Core 2.0终于发布!根据个人经验,微软的产品一般在2.0时会趋于成熟,所以一个新的.Net开发时代已经来临!未来属于.NET Core。 对于.NET Core 2.0的发布介绍,围绕2.0的架构体系,本系列相关文章: .Net Core 2.0 生态(1).NET Standard 2.0 特性介绍和使用指南(已发布).Net Core 2.0 生态(2).NET Core 2.0 特性介绍和使用指南(已发布).Net Core 2.0 生态(3)ASP.NET Core 2.0 特性介绍和使用指南(已发布).Net Core 2.0 生态(4)Entity Framework Core 2.0 特性介绍和使用指南(待发布) .NET Standard 2.0是基石,所以放在第一篇。 使用之前,下载安装.NET Core 2.0,下载地址回到目录 .NET Standard 2.0 特性介绍 代码共享:.NET Standard是API集合,更是代码实现标准,所有.NET实现必须符合该标准,防止代码碎片化。.NET Standard被设计用来作为替代可移植类库Portable Class Libraries(PCL)的构建工具。 API支持:在.NET Standard 2.0中API支持数量增多,包含API数量为32000个,.NET Standard 1.6 中API数量为13000个,目前为止已经包含.NET Framework中的大部分APIs,这意味着可以轻松地将现有代码移植到.NET Standard,从而使现有代码支持基于.NET Standard实现的任何平台,参看平台支持列表。 .NET Framework兼容模式:目前绝大多数的NuGet软件包使用.NET Framework,大多数项目被禁止引用到.NET Standard项目,因不是所有的项目依赖都支持.NET Standard,这是在.NET Standard 2.0中加入兼容模式的原因,使.NET Standard项目可以直…

VS2012 编译报错:找不到编译动态表达式所需的一个或多个类型。是否缺少引用?(VS2012 compilation error: there is no one or more types required to compile dynamic expressions. Is there a lack of references?)

VS2012 compilation error: there is no one or more types required to compile dynamic expressions. Is there a lack of references? 今天编译公司项目,原本项目是3.5,由于现在要用到dynamic ,把target 改为4.0 ,编译时 报错误  “找不到编译动态表达式所需的一个或多个类型。是否缺少引用?”,然后根据另一个提示排错,是因为缺少一个引用导致,在项目里需要引用Miscorsoft.CSharp类库,完成引用,编译成功。